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Owlvin: The Great Little Owl Rescue

Help Owlvin save his little hoot owls as you go on a journey through forest, fields, and swamps to reclaim each of his little hoots. You will battle Rats of Unusual Size, King Snakes, Mamma Cats, Boars, and Even a Gator. Don't miss out on this epic adventure.
Every Level presents a new challenge.
In this shoot em up and eat em world of nature there is adventure around every corner.

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SPYTXT Listen In

Wanna know what people are saying about you at home, the office, the party ect...?

Then you need SPYTXT Listen In to listen in on those conversations. No longer be the butt of other peoples jokes by finding out what they really think about you.

Cheating spouse or significant other?
Don't worry we have that covered.

SPYTXT Listen In doesn't run in the background so it's easier to close, and it won't be rejected by Lookout or other security software like those other apps. Don't worry SPYTXT Listen In still works on the screen is off so it will look normal just sitting there.

SPYTXT Listen In gives you the ability to sit your phone in one spot, and then text message your from another phone and your phone will call back allowing you to hear everything on the other phone that your phone can hear.

Some phones may have to restart the app after each listen in.


Musical Pigs the Pigano Oinkestra
Play the Pigano!
You Can Play Your Favorite Songs in the sound of Oink!
Keeps you and your kids occupied for hours
Walk Safe

Walk safe with Walk Safe.

Walk Safe was designed to flash muti-colored screens rapidly.

This rapid flashing helps passing motorist see you at night.

If you're walking at night or your car breaks down use walk safe.

Talking Text Messages SMS

This is the Original Talking Text Messages

There is a Pink Edition now available.

-Listen to your incoming text messages

-Remembers the names of people you text when you choose select contact, and will display their name when they text you.

-Stores Your Previous 20 Text Messages and Click Them To Have Them Read Out Loud.

-Respond with text, and if you get tired of typing you can press one button and it will type what you say.

-Has The Ability to Send To Email Addresses


Never worry about losing the dice again!

With Digi Dice you always have a set of dice to play with.

Digi Dice allows you to roll from 1 to 5 six-sided dice.

Any game that uses up to five six-sided dice we have you covered.